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Team up and elevate your ideas

Our ZILHive Incubator is a 14-week multiphase incubator program for PMETs and developers interested in bringing their ideas into reality using blockchain technology.

You and your team will undergo intensive training designed to help you understand and build on the Zilliqa blockchain. Apply your new knowledge by working alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs from the ZILHive community.

Program Details

18 July -

03 Nov 2022

Mon & Thurs

Part Time

14 Weeks

Program Details

18 July - 03 Nov 2022

Mon & Thurs

Part Time 14 Weeks

What’s in it for me?

Participants accepted into the progamme can look forward to enjoying these benefits:

Forge an elite team and bring your vision to life! Having great partners is the cornerstone of building an exceptional company.

Connect with professionals and industry leaders globally.

Access a wealth of resources and receive robust industry support through ZILHive’s vast and connected network and initiatives.

Get started with a minimal 4 months commitment with no course fees.

Kickstart your journey with ZILHive Incubator

Phase 1 : Training

Working professionals and developers will go through a specific blockchain bootcamp course tailored for your specification.

Working professionals (PMET)

The PMET Blockchain Course is a business-centric programme designed for Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians. The course will introduce blockchain fundamentals with a deep dive into real world business use-cases for blockchain technology.
Course overview:
– Overview of decentralized finance
– Introduction to blockchain, smart contracts and STOs
– Tokenize and compliance, custody and dividened/rental modules
– Stablecoins and identity


ZILHive Developer Bootcamp is designed for web developers who are looking to kickstart their blockchain career. This course will enable web developers to upskill and learn how to build decentralised applications on the Zilliqa blockchain platform.

Course overview:
– Introduction to the Zilliqa protocol
– Smart contract with Scilla language
– Decentralised web applications
– Zilliqa/Scilla team sharing + Q&A

"The group formation process enabled me to identify potential partners based on shared interests and existing strengths rather than having to guess based on personalities or proximity alone."
- Incubator Participant
"This was a great opportunity to build connections with incredible people in the industry. There was value in learning about blockchain use-cases, productivity tools and soft skills such as design sprint and investor pitching."
- Incubator Participant
“I think the course was pretty well structured for something that is pretty new, and teaching this in a cogent way was quite impressive.”
- Developer Bootcamp
“I really enjoyed the discussions we had in class as they were really informative and thought-provoking. Jaryl was able to capture our attention and made the lessons really interesting.”
- Developer Bootcamp
“Really liked the engagement with the Zilliqa team as well as the broader ecosystem. Instructor was also solid and very willing to share and engage students.”
- Developer Bootcamp

Embark on your blockchain journey with us!

Dive into the Zilliqa blockchain ecosystem and build meaningful projects
Receive funding to further your projects
Build a strong foundation for your startup with masterclasses and workshops
Scale your business and receive holistic support from our network
Change the world — one dApp at a time


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