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Scale your project towards new frontiers

We’re thrilled by the prospect of helping scale up the best of the best dApps. To this end, ZILHive has set aside a grant pool of 5M to take a promising project and bring it to life.

The 4-Grant Track

Choose between these 4 tracks



Targeted towards developers who wish to create development toolings, regulatory frameworks, analytics tools, higher-level software development kits (SDKs), or Layer-2 protocols for the Open Finance (OpFi) ecosystem.



Targeted towards entrepreneurs who wish to build on Zilliqa which include but are not limited to, applications for tokenising physical/digital assets, issuance and management of digital identities on the blockchain, and the exchange for digital assets.


Technical Research

Targeted towards technical researchers or academics who wish to work alongside Zilliqa Research to take a crack at the most pressing issues in the blockchain space, which include but are not limited to, cryptography, consensus design, scalability and privacy solutions.


Market Research

Targeted towards industry professionals who wish to explore exciting new cases across various markets for the Zilliqa blockchain. Research topics include, but are not limited to, market research on finance, sports entertainment, education and healthcare industries across the geographic sectors.

Mission Board

Find a grant project that excites you on our mission board


Check out our grant awardees

Mission Board

Find a grant project that excites you on our mission board


Here are our grant awardees

waves of participants completed the ZILHive Grants program, and we are currently accepting applications for our 12th wave.
0 +
exciting and innovative ZILHive funded projects are setting great examples on the benefits of blockchain.
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different nationalities took part in ZILHive projects. Our program connects talents and supports budding start-ups globally.


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