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Accelerator FAQ

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About ZILHive Accelerator

ZILHive Accelerator is specifically a blockchain focused start-up accelerator that helps high-potential blockchain start-ups to build and scale use cases on top Zilliqa’s network.

Startups can benefit from ZILHive’s global network of partners and investors. For every startup, we have a curated accelerator programme to meet your needs with resources provided to help you along the way.

There is no cost to participate in the programme.

Yes, ZILHive Accelerator will only accept individuals or teams who intend to use the Zilliqa protocol to build their blockchain solutions.
Yes, you may apply for the programme as ZILHive Accelerator is a global virtual programme. If you’re accepted into the programme, you will not need to obtain a visa for the virtual programme.
No, the ZILHive Accelerator is a part-time virtual programme. We will run programme sessions on evenings in Singapore Timezone (GMT+8).

Application Eligibility

We are looking for Seed Stage to pre-A series companies looking to raise funds. However, as long as your company has a Minimum Viable Product, feel free to give a go at applying!

Yes! ZILHive Accelerator is a remote programme conducted virtually but in Singapore time (GMT+8).

A. Team
Have a full team with the skills needed to execute on your vision for the next 12-24 months
Ensure that the background of the founders fit the roles they are executing. It would be good if the founders have worked with each other for awhile!

B. Product
A product that is in the market
Or a Minimum Viable Product along with a business model
Bonus is if your product has proven market traction.
Traction needs to be proportional to the duration the product has been live in the market
Ensure that you have done market validation for your product to show you can acquire users or customers
Regardless, give a go at applying as you may very well learn from the application process and grow to understand more about your own startup and what it needs!

We are looking for blockchain companies that are currently #BUIDLing or willing to build on Zilliqa! If your startup focuses on DeFi or NFTs, that would be a bonus!

Nope! But do note that our program will be held in Singapore time (GMT+8).

Yes if you are not already full time with your startup!

Other Program Details

Nope! But do let us know if you require a space and we can connect you with alternative co-working options.

During the last few weeks of the Accelerator programme, outstanding startups will be able to to get holistic support with the ZILHive Ventures team. This opportunity included a chance to receive up to $100K USD in funding and be a part of Zilliqa’s interconnected network of investors and industry leaders.

As the ecosystem arm of Zilliqa, ZILHive is incentivised to support all projects building on the Zilliqa blockchain. We treat all application data as confidential information.

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